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I can't sit idle very long. I love to be doing, going, making. There's always a book I want to read / rarely a recipe I don't want to try / frequently a yarn that doesn't call my name / a cloud that doesn't pass my camera's eye . . . I'm blessed being a stay at home mom to 2 wild, fun, funnY, thoughtful, silly, imaginative, beautiful, sweet, zany boys. One is 14. One is 7. Both are my greatest joys. Yoga, tea and dark chocolate help me beyond words.

Raising children isn't easy. Every child is different. Tending to one doesn't work as the same as the other. No matter the age. I've read my share of parenting books through the years to gleam from others, but when it comes to your own children, you are the only parent for them. So, you wing it! Sure do. Sometimes you get it spot-on and other times ... you learn what to do next time better. Kids may not always hear you, but they are always watching you. Being the best example to them is key and I strive to do that with my little guys. Being a mommy is my favorite job. It's also my constant job.

To journal here on the blog with you is a sweetness for me. I always read the comments and thank you so much for stopping in to visit with me. I'm also podcasting which is such a fun outlet for knitting bliss and lots more, so tune in to The Sampler Girl Podcast on iTunes!