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30 March 2014

Rain. Hail. Snow. Shawl!

Today was a wacky weather day! It was raining when I went to church, raining when I came out, hailing after lunch, and it had all turned to snow before dinner!! It IS almost April right? I think springtime is lost.

In the meanwhile, I finished knitting a Terribly Simple Shawl by Caitlin French using my 420 yards of hand-dyed yarn ... I added a few rows of eyelets here and there to add variety in the garter stitch row madness. Since it's 100% worsted wool, it was perfect to wear today! Super cozy and I called it Orchid colorway and sure does remind me of Easter ... here's hoping that when Easter arrives later next month, spring is in full bloom.



cucki said...

I love it xxx

Linda said...

WOW! You finished this quickly! Looks really pretty with your yarn and I like the added eyelets!

When I went to the grocery store yesterday, it was hailing - then it turned to sleet as I was driving. Back to rain by the time I came out of the store. And then it actually stopped for a bit when I came out of B & N. Then when I got home, I looked out and saw snow!!!!! I was not sure I was seeing right...

Linda in VA