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17 March 2014

it's Monday so it must be another snow day

More. Snow. Fell. 7" of it. I think we're officially (didn't I say that before?) over winter here. I love snow but wow, this has been too much. Funny, this snowstorm we got through the night has been the most at one time for us all winter. lol Crazy. Kids have already used 10 snow days and now will be going through late June to school but they don't care ... now ... in June they will. Here's one of my azaleas begging for spring to arrive.

This morning I fixed The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Sugar Muffins. They were sooooooo good. Made them in mini muffin pans which a friend on my Facebook recipe group suggested and I'm so glad because they were the perfect little size. You can eat more that way, right? ;)

Last night I finished knitting a shawlette for a friend and eager to give it to her when I see her next; sure hope the weather warms up so she can wear it sooner than later. It's super soft and I love the cheerful colors ... It's a Terribly Simple shawl pattern by Caitlin French and I used Premier Yarns in colorway Cloud Gazing then added a touch of Neighborhood Fiber Company's Ward Circle in Sportweight for some contrast.

Till I see you again ... please think spring thoughts.


Bev said...

Wow the snow looks amazing I know you probably wish it would go away but we never have snow like that here x

SewAmy said...

I'm like you... I like a bit of snow, but this is just too much. I hear we may get next week too. I think I'll start crying now.