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21 March 2014

Hand-dyed yarn is dry and already in a project!

My hand dyed yarn is dry!!!!!! It was all dry by yesterday morning so you can be sure I didn't waste any time in winding it up. Oh MY is it pretty. I named it Orchid. The yarn is 100% worsted wool and took the dye beautifully - what colors shall I dye next?!

(My 7yr old little guy was giddy over my yarn excitement as you can see in the pic below!)

Even started knitting with it  ... another Terribly Simple shawl by Caitlin French and this time adding some eyelet rows here and there, to break up the garter stitch rows.

Happy Week-end!


Linda said...

Your yarn turned out really pretty Tanya!
I've started a Terribly Simple shawl myself (just in some inexpensive sock yarn for now)... And I've also started knitting "Seven and Zero" shawl (on Ravelry) - with some Lorna's Laces Sportmate yarn I had here. You need lots of markers for this one - but it is simple to knit!

Linda in VA

Linda said...

Update - I messed up the Seven and Zero shawl - I think I may have repeated something I shouldn't have. Didn't want to start over - so am using the yarn for the Linus shawl instead!

Linda in VA

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

ThaT's a gorgeous thread colour.

Michelle said...

Oh Tanya its beautiful x

The Sampler Girl said...

Thank you so much, Ladies ... it was super simple to dye up ... need to dye more!!