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24 March 2014

baked, not fried + my sock has a heel!

Onions rings are a weakness. I love me some good French fries but if onion rings are an option on the menu, I'm going there. I have only made them at home once before and they were in the oven and pretty darn good. I can't believe I don't have that recipe in my collection anymore (or as my husband likes to say, if he really likes a dish that I make, then I'll surely lose the recipe) ... but I tried another baked onion rings recipe tonight ...  they were delicious, simple, and hit the onion ring hankering. This is the recipe I found via Pinterest and highly recommend.
- - -
Before I made the scrummy yummy onion rings (and turkey burgers and salad for dinner), I finished knitting the heel of my sock!!!!!!!!!!!! I knit Tube Socks last month in Loops & Threads yarn, Ocean colorway. They are perfectly fine for me but I wanted to try (again) and see if I could make a 'real' sock with a heel.

So, I studied the Afterthought Heel Tutorial which had been recommended to me by several sock knitters and I really am pleased that I was actually able to make it work!! (I won't tell you how many times I paused and rewound the YouTube tutorial but hey, I did it! A pattern of this method is on Ravelry for download. I used Patrons Kroy yarn in colorway, Blue Stripes Rag with US size 2 / 9" circular needles (love these!!) and I cast on 48 rather than the 56 suggested. I now know how it feels when you've knit a sock and have to make it's mate. You don't want to. I rather start a new pair of socks. Ah well, this sock fits wonderfully and my other foot needs one too.

Off to finish my evening cup of tea -- have a wonderful Tuesday to come.


Gillie said...

Oh well done......I am still at the 1.5 sock stage, sigh!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh thank you, thank you for that recipe! I'm off to write it down ;)

And your socks are sweet! If only I had that much patience!

P.J. said...

Your socks are beautiful! They look so cozy.

SewAmy said...

I love your socks. I would love to knit one day just so I could make socks. Thank you, thank you for the onion ring recipe. I am just like you, I will pick onion rings over fries!! Yummm

Jennifer said...

The best, most ridiculous oven baked onion rings I've ever had have been from this recipe, though I substituted panko crumbs instead of using regular breadcrumbs. SO much crispier:

Also, I followed the method described on this site for heating up the sheet pan with oil (Line with foil for easier clean up)

We're talking "still crunchy the next day" onion rings.

TeaMouse said...

I've been wanting to knit socks for some time but I have been intimidated by dpn's and after a failed attempt or two, I thought it wasn't for me. That was until I saw you knitting these up on IG and I thought I'd give it a try and I ordered some 9" circs and picked up yarn and I'm doing it!!! I'm amazed at how great it feels. I will also probably try socks with heels next. I've knit Christmas stockings so I know I can turn a heel etc. but I've not done it on tiny needles and with such fine yarn. Your socks rock!