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22 March 2014

A Jane Austen Pocket, NEW knitting pattern

It's an overcast late Saturday morning here. My oldest is off at baseball practice and my youngest is reenacting Pokemon moves and methinks it's about time to break for lunch. It's to be a nice Spring-weather day this afternoon but it isn't there yet. Looks like I'll be putting some grey rows in my Sky Scarf before we grab some grub.

Wanted to show you my NEW knitting design that I uploaded to Ravelry yesterday. A Jane Austen Pocket is a fun, practical pouch and worked in zig zag stitch. You know I love simple and this is a sweet souvenir to fill with written prayers or other special keepsakes. 

“Father of Heaven! whose goodness has brought us in safety to the close of this day, dispose our hearts in fervent prayer. Another day is now gone, and added to those, for which we were before accountable. Teach us almighty father, to consider this solemn truth, as we should do, that we may feel the importance of every day, and every hour as it passes, and earnestly strive to make a better use of what thy goodness may yet bestow on us, than we have done of the time past.” -Jane Austen
- - -
Happy Saturday!


cucki said...

So sweet x

Simply Victoria said...

Neat little pouch. Where did you find that prayer?

The Sampler Girl said...

In my research, I found that Jane Austen wrote 3 evening prayers and this is from one of them - I think it's beautiful!!


Simply Victoria said...

Thanks, Tanya. If those prayers were found in a specific book, I'd be interested.