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17 August 2013

birthday brunch

My Mom's birthday isn't until Thursday but today we celebrated at my house with a brunch menu, my sweet grandmother and the dearest of stitching friends, Nancy and Betty. Nancy brought her 'famous' bacon and Betty brought her 'signature' salad. My grandmother made a picture-perfect fruit salad and I fixed a Mushroom Spinach Quiche (used a regular pie crust) and a Breakfast Mac & Cheese (which I failed to snap a pic of!) .. both recipes a la Pinterest. We won't dicuss how much bacon was consumed -- Lordy, it was beyond words kinda-good. Nancy makes it to perfection somehow and well, it's bacon bliss.

Aren't parties fun?


Sandra said...

Bacon bliss certainly sounds wonderful to me, along with everything else at your gourmet meal.
Please tell your Mom I said "Happy, Happy Birthday. I would sing to her, like I do to all my family members, but she would hate it. I persecute my love ones once a year with my screeching voice. HaHa

P.J. said...

What a sweet party; everything is better with bacon!!! Happy birthday to your mother. :)

Nancy said...

So beautiful, and your mom is so deserving!

CJ said...

Lovely party, everything looks so yummy. TFS.


Bernadett Rauski said...

Happy birthday to your mother.:)