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10 April 2013

Cherry Blossoms

This morning I spent among the cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in DC. Oh the beauty to behold! It was positively glorious spring weather for walking and admiring these Japanese trees, given as a gift to our nation's capitol. Their window to peak is only a few days and I think I picked a good day to pop over there ~ floral bliss and blue sky! I took my knitting and even managed to sit awhile in the shade and put in several rows. Three ducks swam by and were treading water pretty fast.

In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger.
-Kobayashi Issa.


Gillie said...

Noooo, not you as well! I was talking to DC girl tonight and she was extolling the weather, the temperatures and the blossom! Here? 40 degrees, raining and grey!

P.J. said...

Oh how I love the cherry blossoms! I grew up in Woodbridge and miss seeing this wonderful gift in all it's glory. So glad you had the perfect spring day to enjoy it.

Heather Wise said...

Oh what beauty! They are really loaded with blossoms! It was 85 here in PA. Now, we are having some serious storms! I am glad you had a beautiful day for your trip!

What a bright spot to the day!

Love, Heather

Marcela Bresolin Ozelame said...

Que paisagem linda...Deve dar uma agradável sensação de paz...
Bjs e bom dia.


Melody said...

What a wonderful way to spend some time! Soak up the beauty for the rest of us too!