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28 March 2013

planted seeds

“ I will continue to freak out my children by knitting in public. 
It's good for them.”
~Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Stayed up late last night to put in the final rows of my Planted Seeds cowl/infinity scarf/whatever you call it ... pattern is on Ravelry. It's a new one and I thoroughly enjoyed this knit. Yarn is bluebell by Mountain Meadow Wool and a delight to work. I cast on 232 stitches rather than the suggested 160 - it wraps loosely around twice or tightly around thrice. Took up nearly 2 balls of yarn but I have some scraps left - yay! - love remnant yarns for who knows what. Luckily, it's still in the 40s here so I've plenty of more days to wear it and be warm.

 Get your creativity on! It will feel good.


Jennifer said...

Very pretty! I am a hoarded of scraps from every fiber source. Most remain as just that...scraps, but I'd never toss them out!

gracie said...

Beautiful color...

P.J. said...

Beautiful blue! Gorgeous knitting.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Don't you just love that color? I just designed one and finished it from the plan ride through the 1st day of conference and love it. I'm working on a red one now for summer that is mercerized cotton. I bet that pattern could work well for Summer ones too!


Patty C. said...