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14 March 2013

Pi Day!

A few years ago when Ben's class celebrated Pi Day with all different types of pie, it became a fun yearly tradition. While it's not cool, Mom! to bring pie in to middle school, it was really a treat in elementary school. Ben still likes me to make his favorite, chocolate chip pie ... and leave it at home. The recipe makes 2 pies. How convenient is that? I had posted the recipe awhile back if you want to make some too!

Ben used to be able to recite the first 81 digits of Pi ~ still don't know how he did because I have no memorization (or math!) skills at. all. Any excuse to make/eat pie is good for me.


Robin said...

Oh, I had forgotten pi day. Thanks for the reminder and your chocolate chip pie looks yummy.

Jeanmarie DiTaranto said...

My 11-year-old is kind of sad that middle school doesn't celebrate Pi Day. They did it in her elementary school, but no more! Glad she's not looking over my shoulder right now, because I'm NOT making her a pie to celebrate at home! (You're a nice mom!)

Loubie69 said...

Having just checked out your recipe for the Chocolate Chip Pie and seeing as it easily converts to UK cooking terminology - in that I mean I think I can do it. I will give this a go, thanks for sharing :-)

Jane said...

Sounds a brilliant idea. Thanks for the recipes i fancy making the Oreo version. Jane xx