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26 March 2013


On this breezy, chilly March day I took the boys in to see flowers and all things green at the Botanical Garden. I can't remember when I'd been there last and I know they'd never been. It was a treat of color and these particular Angel Orchids were just a few of the beauties we saw. I was drawn to the flowers and the boys were captivated by the crawling vines, bamboo shoots, twisty trails and steamy running waters. It was magical, this secret garden of sorts kept indoors and trapped in time almost ... although it's serenity echoes high into the air all the way to the glassed ceiling. 

I must have flowers, always, and always.
~Claude Monet.


Tracey said...

Beautiful!! I need to find some gardens that are close-or go to Tryon Palace this spring..

Paulette said...

You know, we have an indoor botanical garden here as well, but I've never been. Maybe you should come here and bring the boys, bc I hear they've got an awesome life-sized Lego display of nature going on there now. ;)


Teresa said...

happy easter dear

The Sampler Girl said...

sounds cool, Paulette! they DO love legos ... probably more than flowers! lol