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19 March 2013

last bit of winter

Yesterday it snowed!! This cardinal wasn't that amused by the snowflakes but today it's downright springlike so the birdfeeder has been a happening place and all the snow was gone by lunchtime yesterday.
Spring arrives tomorrow ... so the calendar says! I'm knitting a winter-to-spring transition cowl called Planted Seeds on Ravelry in a yummy Bluebell color so I'm counting on a slight chill in the air for me to wear it a few more weeks. March usually goes out like a lion and April comes in like a lamb, right? The yarn by Mountain Meadow is wonderful to work so far and the color makes me swoon for springy days and picnics by the river.
I'm about to fix dinner much to my oldest's complaints ... he's never very fond of this recipe but it's sooooooo good, so simple, and everyone else in the house likes it ... maybe the upteenth time will be the charm?! 
- - - 

On an entirely random but most important note ... I've a sweet friend whose mother passed away last year and she dearly misses her greatly as you can imagine. Grief of loved ones is such a personal thing and we all handle our sorrows in different ways. Please lift my friend up in prayer; may God guide her in all ways and give her motherly wisdom through her years to come and have the faith in knowing her mother is always with her. Thank you sweetly.


P.J. said...

May her memories give her peace and her prayers give her strength. A co-worker lost his father last night after a long illness. I had a bit of a cry this morning; not that I am close to the family but it is such sadness when someone losses their parent; or any family or close friend for that matter. We are getting hammered in Maine with the last blast of winter and we thought spring was on the doorstep. Shoot!

cl said...

Father, hold fast on our sister as she mourns. Help her to know that you are with her and her Mother always and in all ways. Brighten her days with memories of the best of times, and the love and understanding of family and friends. Amen

Lisa said...

Happy Spring to you! My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. I, too, am coming up on an anniversary of my grandmother's passing. It will be a difficult time for me, my sisters and definitely my mother and her siblings. When we love someone so much and they are a part of our lives, they are dearly missed! But it gives me strength every day to know that my grandmother is a part of my thoughts, my heart and my soul.

Take care!