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31 March 2013

Easter Sunday

Often I wonder what we did before the Words with Friends game app or Candy Crush (ohmygosh is that game addicting!!!) as well as Pinterest. I guess dogear and tear out actual magazines. Now when I want a recipe, need a craft idea, am in search of a needlework pattern, feeling a need to redecorate or garden within a budget, organize a messy drawer  ... my first go-to site is Pinterest.

So for Easter, I got several ideas there and one of them was this simple, edible craft - Reese peanut butter egg cars decorated with m&ms with a bunny graham seated in the middle. Love it! Everyone joined at my house for Easter lunch today and it was grand fun ~ I fixed honey ham, roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus, cucumber salad, corn casserole, and carrot casserole. My mom made a yummy apple pecan cake from a recipe she found ... on Pinterest :) So after some food had settled we each made this chocolate craft and I think my Dad's creation was fabulous.

Finished the Easter ties for my boys. My 6yr old wore his from 8 this morning till about 7 this evening. I think he liked it. My 13yr old was mighty insistent that he got a handknit tie too, so he did and sported it well. I had found some tie patterns on Ravelry's site but in the end I did a simple garter stitch in the lengths needed - worked perfectly and each came out super cool.


Oh and yea ... the centerpiece for lunch was Pinterest inspired too. I can't tell you how long it took me to arrange the plastic eggs in this glass vase because I was having too much fun.

Happy Easter!


Gillie said...

I love words with friends! Glad you had a good lunch. Happy Easter!

Tracey said...

The ties turned out great! Sounds like you had a lovely Easter.:)

P.J. said...

Oh the reeses egg car is so darn clever!! The tie is smashing!

Michelle said...

Love the ties - Wishing you a very Happy Easter x

Marsha said...

Cute, cute, and cute!

Sandra said...

Absolutely love the boys' ties. What a cute idea.
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