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22 March 2013

Easter break.

It's freezing!! It is spring, right? Last night coming back from a meeting, it was 22 degrees. Crazy weather. I hear reports that the groundhog is in hiding because looks like he was off his mark this year. I'm hoping that Easter morning won't be cold but who knows. The Easter Bunny better sport his sweater to be sure.

I've made some changes to the Blog and added a few pages atop for you. Hope you like it. Posts previous to this month have been removed so therefore all free charts that were available for a limited time are now no longer online. All orders received during my little time away from the website will be shipping the first week of April. Ah April, even the saying of the word sounds warm. Till then -

Blessings for Passover to you. Happy Easter!


Carolyn NC said...

Love the pillow!

Teresa said...

oggi da noi รจ una bellissima giornata, bello il tuo grafico perfetti i colori.

Michelle said...

The pillow is lovely x

Pat said...

Love your new look and your pillow too!

Cindy's Stitching said...

really pretty i love the colors and the fabric.